Thinkific vs Teachable (2019) – Comparing These Online Course Platforms on Costs and Payouts [Part 1 of Comparison]

So, you’ve probably heard that Thinkific and Teachable are 2 of the most well-known and well-established online course platforms out there right now.

These 2 platforms both have their share of loyal fans, and more importantly:

Many online entrepreneurs have built 6-figure (and even 7-figure) online course businesses using one of these 2 platforms.

Now, this is first and foremost a testament to the hard work and talent of these entrepreneurs, but clearly these 2 online course platforms are more than up to the task of playing this crucial role for these online course creators.

Still, is one of these platforms more suitable for your needs?

Does one platform offer specific features or benefits that are especially important to you?

In the following video, I compare Thinkific and Teachable in depth to answer probably the first question that comes to your mind as you’re trying to decide between the two:

  • How much does it cost to use Thinkific and Teachable?

Now, there actually isn’t a simple, black-and-white answer to this question.  For one thing, there’s more than one type of costs involved in the total costs of using each platform.

What’s more, aside from costs, there is the issue of:

  • Is there a delay in getting your instructor payouts (i.e. your students’ payments to you)?  And if so, how long is the delay, and under what circumstances does it happen?

Also, what features do you get for your money?  Both of these platforms have different plan levels at different prices, so certain features that you’re looking for may or may not be available at a specific plan level.

But no worries.  By the end of this video, you’ll have a clear view of the total costs involved in using each of these platforms, and you’ll have the answers to these questions. 🙂

So check out this video now:


All right, I hope you now have a good feel for the total costs, instructor payouts, and the availability of certain key features between Thinkific and Teachable.

But there are other important factors that you’ll likely care about in choosing an online course platform.

So before you make up your mind on which platform to try, be sure you check out the 2nd part of my 2-part comparison between Thinkific and Teachable – this is where I’ll compare these platforms on other highly relevant factors like:

  • Can you allow your students to pay you in installments?
  • Can you offer a membership instead of a course (so you can charge a recurring fee for access to your content)?
  • What integrations (if any) does each platform have with the email marketing service that you’re using?
  • If there’s no integration, is there a way around that?  Or do you have to give up using your favorite email marketing service?
  • And even assuming that the above features are available – at which plan level do you gain access to each of these features (for each platform)?

I go over in depth all these factors and more in the 2nd part of my 2-part Thinkific vs Teachable comparison.

So be sure to check it out before making a final decision.

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