How to Create an Effective Course Sales Page on Thinkific (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

So, you’ve finished creating your online course on Thinkific.  Nice work!  Go ahead and give yourself a deserved pat on the back! 🙂

Your course is packed with value and will go a long way toward helping your audience members solve their problems and achieve their goals.

And you also enjoyed the process of using Thinkific to create your course.  You marveled at how easy it was to put your course units together in just the way that you want.

Now, you can’t wait to get the word out there to your audience about your course.

In other words, it’s time to market and sell your course.

Now, marketing your course is a big topic, but you may already know that one of the most crucial marketing elements is the sales page of your course.

Your course sales page does 2 super important things:

(1) Summarize the reasons why your audience should buy your course, including:

  • Remind your audience of their pain points and frustrations with the problem that your course aims to help them resolve.
  • How your course will help them resolve these pain points and difficulties.
  • Specific, tangible benefits of learning from and applying the knowledge in your course.
  • What your past (happy) students say about you and your course.
  • What content specifically is in your course.
  • Why should they buy NOW?
  • Address any last-minute buyer’s objections.

The above are all time-tested, proven elements of a highly effective, high-converting course sales page.

So you definitely want most, if not all, of these elements on your course sales page.

(2) The 2nd super important thing your sales page does is:

Give them the actual “BUY” button to purchase your course.

Don’t underestimate this, because all your other links to buy your course will likely all bring them to this particular page to actually make that purchase.

How to Actually Construct Your Course Sales Page

So, how do you fit all these critical marketing elements onto your course sales page?

To be effective, in what order should these elements show on your sales page?

How should these elements look and be presented to your interested audience members?

Well, in the following video, I walk you through – step by step – how to add (and customize) these elements so you can create this type of highly effective sales page on Thinkific.

Now, you might be wondering:

Thinkific is great for course creation, but why should I use it to create my sales page?

Well, you see, not only is Thinkific an easy-to-use, feature-packed tool for creating your course units, it’s just as awesome at helping you create a professionally designed, persuasive sales page for your course.

Now, for each course that you create on Thinkific, you’ll have a default course sales page that already features some of the info you’ve entered as you were creating your course.

But – to incorporate the time-tested and proven marketing elements I’ve listed above onto your sales page, you’ll need to add these elements to your default course sales page on Thinkific.

The good news is:

Thinkific already comes with these proven marketing elements in the form of sections that you can add to your default course sales page.

But still, you’ll need to know which sections to add (and why), in what order should the sections go on your sales page, and how to customize these sections so that they are effective in convincing your audience members to buy.

And in this video, I walk you through (step by step) exactly how to add and customize these proven marketing elements – so that by the end of the video, you’ll know how to construct a super compelling course sales page on Thinkific.

All right, let’s dive into the details of how to do this right here:


All right, I hope you now have a rock-solid feel for how to create an effective, persuasive sales page for your course using Thinkific.

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Now, having a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform like Thinkific for creating your online courses (and course sales pages) is awesome – but you’d use Thinkific AFTER you’ve created the content for your course.

For the nitty-gritty tasks in creating the actual content for your course, like:

  • Recording your computer screen while showing how to do something
  • Recording yourself talking on camera
  • Editing your recorded footage
  • Creating workbooks, worksheets, quizzes, etc for your students
  • Selecting good microphones and lighting that will help you produce high-quality video content.

… you’ll need a set of easy-to-use, reliable tech tools to get all these tasks done – efficiently and well.

If you’re not sure which tech tool to use – or if you’re wondering if there’s a better tool than the one you’re currently using – then I’ve got a FREE resource that’s tailor-made for you:

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I’ve been using most of these tools for years now, and believe they are some of the best tools out there for doing the key tasks in creating your online courses.

So be sure to download your FREE ‘9 Awesome Tech Tools for Creating Your Online Courses’ Guide here:

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