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Kevin Cheng of Do Your Dream Work

Welcome to Do Your Dream Work!

You're probably here because you want to start creating and selling online courses.  (Lucky guess :-) )

And you probably already know these awesome benefits of doing this:

->  Scale your income beyond what you can earn by trading time for money (e.g. one-on-one work, being an employee, etc).

->  Build your authority on your topic within your industry.  So over time, your courses become more and more attractive and in demand to your target audience.

->  Teach your knowledge in an area that is your passion - and to a global audience eager to learn that knowledge from an expert.  Online courses are a true win-win for both you and your audience.

->  Finally get back your time (remember the first point above!), so you can structure your days however you see fit, and spend more time with family and friends.

​​But as in any undertaking that has many moving parts to it, getting started is often the hardest part.

How do you know which step to take first when there are a million pieces of advice out there on this - and some of them are saying conflicting things?

How do you make sure you're headed in the right direction - so you don't waste time retracing your steps when you've gone down the wrong path?

Here are the frustrations I hear most often from folks who are just starting out in their online course creator journey:

->  Overwhelm and confusion about tech.  There are so many tech tools out there, and it's a dizzying array of choices.  Almost every tool has its loyal fans and detractors.  How do you choose?

  • Which online course platform?
  • Which email marketing service?
  • Which optin form (list building) tool?

The list goes on and on.

->  Getting bogged down in the long, seemingly endless process of creating your course:

  • Plan out your lessons (and hope you don't change your mind midway through creating your course :-) ).
  • Again (as above), what tech do you use?  Lighting, camera, microphone, screencast tool, and video editing tool.
  • Script out what you'll say in your course videos.
  • How to record video efficiently - and yet minimize mistakes that you'll need to edit out later.
  • Besides editing out mistakes, how to add elements (e.g. annotations, graphics, etc) to your course videos in the editing process.

->  And when you're finally done creating your course, how do you go about finding potential customers for it?

i.e. How do you effectively market and sell your course?

  • First, again (you know this by now, right?) - Which tech tools?
  • Where do you go to find your target audience members who crave the knowledge you're sharing in your course?
  • How do you capture the attention of your target audience and lead them step by step down a well-designed path - where in each step they become more interested in what your course offers?

Oh, and you probably don't love the idea of the traditional sense of selling (i.e. pushy, salesy sales talk).

  • How do you tell your audience about your course in a natural, non-salesy way?  So they are only thinking about the benefits they can get by learning from your course - rather than have their inner antennas lit up with this warning signal:  "watch out, here comes another sales pitch".

Can you relate to any of the above?

If you're trying to figure this stuff out, and feel overwhelmed by all the noise out there, and maybe confused by conflicting pieces of advice, then you've come to the right place!

Here at Do Your Dream Work, my overarching goal is to give you the right, actionable info to help you fully realize the benefits of successfully creating and selling online courses.

In my content, aside from whichever topic I'm talking about, you'll find that I focus on two things:

(1)  Giving you clarity - from explaining the overall strategy as well as going into details, to giving you context, so you know what should come before - and what comes after - this current step.

When you get why you're doing a certain step, you'll be confident in moving forward and taking action.

(2)  Going into "the rest" of the sales funnel for marketing your online course.  Many others focus on traffic/audience building (the first step of the sales funnel) - and don't get me wrong, that is a legitimately important step.

But equally important is:  What do you do with visitors to your site or audience members on a social media platform - once they are there?

The sales funnel goes from this early step all the way to the point when you present them with an offer for your course - and they decide to buy it or not.

What happens in all these steps along the process?  What strategy should you implement?  And how?  With which tools?

This is exactly what I'm here to do - to give you actionable info on these key aspects of successfully creating and selling your online courses.

To give you the answers to these questions.  To give you clarity.

Now, your first step is simple:

Simply sign up for my FREE newsletter where you'll find helpful, actionable info on the many aspects of creating and selling online courses, so you'll know what steps to take to get there and move forward with confidence!

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